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Dental Care

Equine Dentistry Specialists

Equine dentistry is one of the most important and yet often overlooked health practices during a horse’s life.
Proper dental care can improve the horse’s overall health.  Horses have a unique dental arrangement that requires
regular maintenance and care. Routine dental examinations are essential to maintaining a horse in
optimal conditions; ideally, they should receive a thorough dental exam at least twice a year starting at birth
to identify any problems. However, a horse’s dental health changes over time.

Between the ages of 1.5 and 5 years, horses may require more frequent dental care than older horses, because the composition of their teeth tends to be softer which can lead to them developing sharp enamel points faster.

Middle age horses need regular dental checkups to maintain dental alignment and for early detection of dental problems.

Senior horses are at risk of developing periodontal disease, a painful progressive disease of the oral tissue, this condition can be treated if it is detected early on.

Dr. Metteauer has extensive training, expertise, and the latest tools to handle both routine and advanced dental procedures.


  • Floating: This procedure involves removing or smoothing any sharp points that may form on the outer edge on upper cheek teeth and inner side on lower cheek teeth.
  • Equilibration: When a horse’s cheek teeth become overgrown in parts, it is necessary to remove those areas to improve mastication.
  • Bit Seats: With this procedure, upper and lower first cheek teeth are angled and rounded to minimize bit contact with the teeth.
  • Correction of Malocclusions: Some horses can have poor contact with their teeth; this condition can interfere with grasping and chewing food as well as being the source for some behavioral issues, if not treated, the condition can lead to premature tooth loss.
  • Dental Extractions: There are several reasons why a tooth may need to be extracted, including dental fractures, infections, periodontal disease, dental malformations, and additional unnecessary teeth. Dental extractions require sedation, specialized equipment, and assistant help.

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